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Waterbutt Repair- JB WaterWeld

As if one review was not enough (see his other J-B Weld Waterweld review) Potty Paddler sent us in another review of a repair he carried out on a water butt.

I've a plastic water butt with 2 splits in the base :-(

I've drilled holes at both ends of each split to stop them propagating, sanded the surface inside and out, cleaned with meths, allowed to thoroughly dry, cut and kneaded half a length of WaterWeld and forced it into and through the cracks, smoothed it off over the surface both inside and out.


Looks good, set quickly, barrel now back in place...I'll give it a couple of days, though it says it sets hard in an hour (and it did) to ensure it's fully cured before I fill the tub again...unless the rain beats me to it.

Will it work??

Well I've just peered into my's filling with rain without leaking so far...looking good :-)

WaterWeld water butt.jpg
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