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Hello Over ten years ago i bought some of your 3min weld to fix a hole in my then not very old

discovery td5 thermostat housing after it blew in traffic into a local town so me and the wife could get the car home sensibly and over to a mates work shop to replace the defective housing , but the repair held out for a good 150 miles maintaing the coolant systems pressure enabling the engine to work properly.

So the left over went into my rally cars box of what if repairs. In 2004 i was competing in the south of england in a small suv 4x4 not renowned for it reliability as a brand , on the eighth lap a engine mount failed so i was out and unable to complete the final two laps would meen failure to complete the round.

The mount which failed was a hanger supporting half the engine gearbox and transfer box so it was a major component failure. The large steel bolts had stripped there threads inside the engine mount Each time i reconstructed it the part failed on restarting of the engine so I packed the two bolts threads with the 3 min weld and reassembled as quick as i could we then rigged up a large ratchet strap across the engine to attempt to reduce the shocks and general load to the mount, it held up on start up, remember this is a race engine 1.8 so its not a smooth run.

Basically it held out for nearly two more stage laps but that was long enough to complete the round and win the class getting full points, we went on to win the class championship that year, we couldn't have won the production class championship if we didn't complete every round.

Please just say thank you for a product that simple and cost effective and keeping privateers racing.

- Julian Read

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