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de Havilland Dove Restoration

Here are some great images sent to us over the past few months, the restoration of a de Havilland Dove Aircraft on behalf of Eastmidlands Aeropark based at the Eastmidlands Airport. Here at J-B Weld we thought this was a great project, and as the Aeropark is a volunteer only museum we were more than happy to help out.

Dove Restoration pics 3.JPG

The restoration called for the re skinning of one of the wings, requiring an adhesive that could bond the skin to the wing ribs, which were approximately 25 mm wide, the wings are 30ft by 20foot. We thought our J-B Weld Original would be the best option, so after a test pack we sent out a 10oz Professional Pack so they would have plenty to finish the job!

Dove Restoration pics 4.JPG

The weather slowed the restoration a little, but once work got underway the restoration really started to take off (no pun intended), and before long...the wings were on!!

Dove with new wings.JPG

Take a look at more pictures from the restoration below, and why not visit the Aeropark, show your support and have a great day seeing some amazing exhibits.

Dove Restoration pics 2.JPG
Dove Restoration pics 1.JPG
Dove Restoration pics 6.JPG
Dove Restoration pics 5.JPG
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