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Bike Restoration - JB Weld Original

Things here have been slow with the Bike because of the difficulty in sourcing parts and also having to fabricate some things along the way. I didn't have any mudguards because the original bike was all encased in plastic fairings. I found a couple of very badly damaged Mud guards at a jumble sale. Many holes, rust and dents and not attachment points. I was pleased that you had supplied me with this JB Weld which gave me the confidence to try it out. I removed most of the dents and made metal patches to fit underneath each Guard by using your `weld`, then filled the holes with metal filler, rubbed down and painted. I also designed some plates from metal to anchor the front wing; again held with your Weld but I also riveted them because of the size of the area to be stuck down and also the risk of vibration on the guards was risky.

Patched bedded JB.jpg

The outcome is fantastic and very strong. The Guards were Stainless steel and the patches were mild steel, so MIG welding wasn't possible for me.

Start return pipe patch.jpg

Then I turned my attention to the petrol tank that I spoke to you about recently. This has been so challenging for me because I couldn't find a petrol filler cap to fit the hole in the tank after searching many places on line and even joining a couple of bike clubs. I did however find one that is called a 'weld on' for anyone building a new tank. I then had to problem of making this fit because the fitting was wider than the hole in the tank. Again I put my faith in your Product :O)

Cap instal finished.jpg
Weld in cap.jpg
Old ring removed.jpg

I ground out the hole in the tank to widen it for my new fitting. The hole was then ok but the inner bit below sight was at an angle so the fitting was too deep to sit straight which I solved by splitting the inner with my jig saw then bent it so as to accept the new bit. There were two screw holes, you may remember, where the original cap used to fit... no longer available..... So I fabricated a plate to surround the 'weld in' bit. The tank is a far thinner metal than the 'plate' and too risky to attempt to mig weld these two thicknesses together without blowing a hole in the tank. I turn the new insert and plate upside down and welded them together, then turned them the right way up and inserted the whole thing into the widened hole and it also covered those two screw holes to boot. It was then that your JB Weld came into its own as I stuck the plate etc into place then when dry I filled the area with Metal body filler, sanded of and went about the job of preparing and painting the tank. The tank also had a few dents to cope with but all has turned out well so far. I then had the job of fitting that 'patch' with the fuel return pipe attached that I also told you about when I asked you if your product was not going to be affected by 'methanol'. That is just in the process of setting before I take care of the aesthetics around the patch. I'm so pleased with your product. So I'll be using it on many other things along the way. One being to design a box to fit in a small space to hold most of the relays which will need to be waterproof with a removable lid for future maintenance.

Backing plate welded.jpg
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