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Garden Chair Repair- JB WoodWeld

We would like to thank Mr Hughes, who has sent us in a review of J-B Weld WoodWeld. He used the WoodWeld to repair a bolt in a wooden chair that would no longer tighten.


This is his review.....We have a garden seat that is made of wood and is bolted together. (see picture 1)

Over the years the bolts become loose and will not tighten properly to solve this problem we decided to try out JB Wood weld. (see picture 2)



It’s real easy to use just mix 50% resin and 50% Hardener with an old lolly pop stick, then try to feed down into the hole the combined mixture I left the lolly pop stick in there as well.(see picture 3)

After a short while the mixture hardens off and then we re-drilled the hold to take the original bolt. Re assemble it back together and it tightened back up perfectly. We found JB Wood Weld an extremely capable product and was fast acting.

woodweld review4.jpg
woodweld review1.jpg
woodweld review3.jpg
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