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JB Weld Repair- KwikWood

Read how J-B Weld Kwikwood putty is used to repair a badly damaged window sill in this step by step guide

J-B Weld KwikWood putty is versatile in its application thanks to its ability to be moulded before it sets. Below is a perfect example of KwikWood putty being used for the repair and restoration of a damaged window sill.


This window sill has been chewed by the home owners dog to the point that the home owner considered replacing the whole window sill. They were told to give J-B Weld KwikWood Putty a go to see if that could repair the damaged window sill.

jb weld kwikwood.jpg

Before starting the repair the damaged area must be prepped by:

  • Removing any loose splinters
  • Lightly sanding the damaged and surrounding areas
jb weld kwikwood1.jpg

Once the damaged area has been prepped:

  • Following the instructions on the packaging, rub the two JB-Weld KwikWood putty layers together to start the chemical reaction

  • The J-B Weld is then directly applied to the damaged area

  • A few hours later a second layer of J-B Weld is applied to the damaged area and is molded into the shape of the window sill

  • Leave to dry over night

jb weld kwikwood2.jpg

After ensuring the J-B Weld has completely dried:

  • The area can be sanded down using a sanding block to a smooth finish

  • Clean away any excess dust

jb weld kwikwood3.jpg

Once the repaired area has been sanded and cleaned throughly:

  • The J-B Weld repair can then be painted

  • Once painted stand back and admire your handy work

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