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J-B Weld FiberFix Flex Patch - 3 Sizes


Cure Time

5-10 minutes

FiberFix Flexible Patch is the other cousin of the Repair Wrap - a fiberglass patch for permanent repairs on flat or hard-to-wrap surfaces. Simply apply the patch over the hole and expose to sunlight or UV light (but don't expose before applying!). In 3-5 minutes after exposure, the flexible patch will cure!

Primary Applications:

Apply to almost any surface needing repair and see results immediately for a quick repair. "Do It Yourself” has never been easier or more cost effective.

Good For:

  • Rain Gutters

  • Fences

  • Garbage Barrels

  • Water Tanks

  • Boats 

  • Canoes

  • Automotive Body

Made in the USA US flag



Wet the cast 


Apply and wrap the cast to pipe


Cast hardens like steel in 15 minutes

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