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J-B Gasket Maker & Sealant- Blue

31316 Blue Gasket Maker & Silicone Seala

Sensor Safe

Set Time

1 Hour

Cure Colour


J-B Weld Blue Silicone Gasket Maker & Sealant is an RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) Silicone gasketing material designed for use in mechanical assemblies, sealing and bonding uneven surfaces. Upon curing, which occurs when the product is exposed to the moisture in air, the silicone forms a tough, waterproof seal on most surfaces.

It will not shrink or crack, resists weathering, is sensor safe and is great for many automotive applications.


Great For:

  • Timing Gear Covers

  • Transmission Pans

  • Oil Pans

  • Water Pumps

  • Valve Covers

  • Differential Covers

  • Thermostat Housing

Made in the USA US flag



Clean repair area of dirt, grease, oil, paint, rust etc. For best results use a detergent or degreaser to first clean the surface, then roughen surface with file or coarse snadpaper to provide best repair.


Apply even, continuous ¼ inch bead of silicone to one surface area. Surround all bolt holes with silicone as well.


Reconnect parts while silicone is still wet.


Hand tighten until Silicone begins to squeeze out (if required).


Allow drying for 1 hour and then tighten an additional ½ turn (if required).


Scrape or cut away excess cured sealant. Silicone will fully cure in 24 hours.

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