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Car Bonnet Repair - JB Original

I put the JB-weld to the test. I wasn't sure as I would possibly be pushing it a bit too far with how well it could bind to surfaces but by heck am I impressed. 

I put a new WRX STI bonnet scoop on the forester which is flipping huge! however it had been damaged in the past and repaired with some fibreglass and something else. However a few high speed trips down the motorway soon had it pulling itself apart again as due to the size of it there an enormous amount of pressure on it as you can imagine.


So I pulled it apart a little bit and used a syringe to push JB-weld into the crack. still not 100% sure as it would hold I spread it around the edge a fair bit too so it had plenty to bond onto. It looked a bit of a mess but as long as it held its all I cared about for the time. It was left 48 hours and then taken on a 2.5 hour drive to santapod where it showed no signs of movement of cracking.


Whilst I was there it would have been rude not to take it down the strip so down it went on 4 runs and still nothing! I then took the car up to 135mph on a speed run and still all good.

So I sanded it down a few weeks later and took it on another speed run I was concerned at this point if where I had taken some of the weld away if it would still hold but I hit 139mph and not a thing! result! Just need to spray it up and then you would never know it was repaired.


Next I will be using it to weld a lambda sensor boss onto my de-cat. Let's see how it takes being heated and cooled on a regular basis.


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