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J-B SuperWeld Extreme 15g Tube


Bonds in Seconds

Multiple Uses

Professional Grade

15 gram Tube

SuperWeld™ Extreme is a specially formulated Super Glue that provides a strong, flexible bond and cures in 24 hours.


SuperWeld™ Extreme has a precision tip, no drip formula and is ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces! SuperWeld™ Extreme is impact resistant and has a flexible bond allowing it be great for plastics, leather, rubber, glass, metal, and more!


Great For:

  • Automotive

  • Cloth/Carpet

  • Rubber

  • Plastic

  • Vinyl

  • Glass

  • Ceramic

  • Leather

Made in the USA US flag


Clean by removing all debris and liquid from surface

Unscrew cap and draw brush from bottle

Apply SuperWeld™ to the desired surface with the brush applicator. Avoid hands, body, skin or eye contact

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