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J-B Weld Pipe Repair Cast
2 x 60 inch


Set Time

15 min

Cure Time

1 Hour

Made in the USA US flag

FiberWeldTM 2" Pipe Repair Cast is a high-strength fiberglass wrap, impregnated with a specially-formulated resin to repair pipes up to 2" in diameter. When activated by water, the product forms a strong, waterproof bond that hardens like steel in 15 minutes. The kit includes an epoxy putty stuck for additional sealing strength.

Top Attributes:

  • Works like a cast - just wet and wrap

  • Holds water pressure up to 500 PSI

  • Anti-corrosive

Primary Applications:

Repair and reinforcement for pipes up to 2" diameter.

Great For:

  • PVC

  • Copper

  • Steel

Good For:

  • Cast Iron

  • ABS



Wet the cast 


Apply and wrap the cast to pipe


Cast hardens like steel in 15 minutes

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